Kartenspiel "Multiplikation", 60-tlg., im Etui
Kartenspiel "Multiplikation", 60-tlg., im Etui

Cardgame "Kleines 1x1", 60-parts.

Die Lehrbrücke GmbH
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With this card game multiplication is learned in no time. With memorable images they internalize the multiplication tables playfully and visually.

For each number there are two cards: the first card is provided with the number and a picture (e.g., 2 and duck). On the associated solution card is the multiplication table with the beginning of a story (for example, 1 duck on 2 legs ... 2 ducks on 4 legs ... etc). Now each row is told the story that is well imaginable (for example, 1 duck on 2 legs falls into the water, 2 ducks on 4 legs ...). In this way, the students not only learn the multiplication table, they also understand more easily what it is all about.

The children can play the stories with their fingers and movement (for example, crouch down) and memorize the numbers even better.

To complete the set has a further 48 cards, which are exercises for multiplication up to 100. These exercises are also provided with the images to facilitate recognition. On the back there is the solution for self or partner control. This allows students to apply the knowledge they have learned and become really fit in the multiplication table.

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