Treppenfolie SET "Zahlenraum 1-10"
Treppenfolie SET "Zahlenraum 1-10"

Adhesive film "School values"

Die Lehrbrücke GmbH
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  • 120cm x 7 cm
  • 120cm x 10 xm
  • 160cm x 7cm
  • 160cm x 10cm
Fire protectionB1-certified
Print & delivery5-20 days
Delivery costfrom 1,99€

Show your school values!

Choose your 10 School values which you want to be printed on your foils.

How it works:

  1. Choose your dimension (or individual)
  2. Choose your color (or individual)
  3. In Step 2 you can write us a note with your school values (e.g. Respect, tolerance etc.)
  4. Individual wishes as the dimension or colors (if "individual" is chosen) can be noted here, too. E.g. Respect (light yellow), Tolerence (White).
  5. After your purchase, you'll get your files to review. We never print without your permission.

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